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Introducing Meyer Architectural Signs & Graphics!

Due to our continued growth in architectural signage, we have decided to launch a facility dedicated solely to the design, fabrication, and installation of architectural and non-illumated signs.  We are so excited to continue serving your electrical AND architectural needs with the dedicated staff, facilities, and equipment needed to produce the same high quality work that we take pride in producing.  For more information on our architectural capabilities, please visit our new website here: http://www.meyerasg.com.

Do need a quote on architectural signage?

Contact us here: http://meyerasg.com/contact/

What sets us apart is our ability to offer all our services in house and eliminate the need to subcontract services to outside venders. This gives us the ultimate control in manufacturing timing, quality control, and installation supervision.  Having the manpower and production capabilities to dedicate resources as needed is what gets a quality job done on time.

Not only do we control our manufacturing in house, but contractors love knowing that we have a full time safety officer making sure that only get licensed quality drug free personnel on sight. Special inspections, no problem. Our shop is ready with the certified welding personnel in both aluminum and steel. We even provide all our own inspected cranes, trucks, lifts,and backhoes to insure quality and avoid delays. Having our team manage the project lets your team get more of what they should be doing done.

For more information regarding architectural signs, specifically ADA compliance, click the button below!


Room Identification
Wayfinding Systems
Safety Signage
ADA Compliant Signage

Room Numbers

Office & Workstation IDs

Tenant Suite Signs

Restroom Signs

Directional Signs

Overhead Signs

Campus Maps

Building Directories

Floor Directories

Elevator Signs

Regulatory Signs

Maximum Occupancy Signs

Stairwell & Egress Signs

Evacuation Maps