site-survey-for-potential-signageNo more surprises! That’s why doing a proper survey is so important in the installation process. Taking a look at the actual building and or site for installation is only the first step. From there we dig in to see if there is proper access behind walls for electrical components, address issues concerning mounting considerations, verify fascia surfaces, check for power connection availability, and re-verify measurements. We check surfaces that will need to be resurfaced or patched and painted and make sure we are aware of obstructions that need to be addressed before installation.

survey-1For free standing signs we can call for locates to determine if there are any power or water lines hidden beneath the surface of preferred locations and assess your sign’s visibility requirements to assure it is properly placed outside the vision clearance triangle, allowing you the greatest visual impact by passing motorists.

Taking the time to perform site surveys upfront leads to a smooth and timely installation with no added surprises.

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